Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 2 - Edinburgh Castle

We left our place at about noon, heading to some antique stores not too far away. The first one we went to was just a small shop that had mid-century modern furniture, among a few other things. Nothing too spectacular or unsual. We were in and out in 30 seconds. The second stop was an antique store called "Unicorn Antiques". It was a good twenty minute walk from stop #1, and had a lot of great stuff in the window as well as cute signage. But... it was closed. And so was every other Antique store on the list. Quelle surprise! Boutique stores in Europe closed on Sunday?! We'll have to hit them up another day.

We'll have to come back here.

The music on the radio is good, soundhouding the shyte outta that.

I want one of these. Must learn what they mean. 

There were some sweet purses under those coats.

After Antiquing failure, we stopped at "Chez Jules" for lunch. We realized it was a French restaurant after we sat down and got our menus. Ahh.. flashbacks of a few days ago. I didn't mind one bit. We both got the three course lunch special. I got the onion soup + coq au vin + some prune cake dessert. He got the duck paté + steak frites + blue cheese/apples. Everything was very, very good. If you're ever in Edinburgh, go to Chez Jules on Dundas Street. Oh, there were lots of street names here that are the same as Toronto.. Queen, Cumberland, Dundas... but I know there are lots of those street names all over the woyld. We wondered if Chez Jules was owned by the same people who own Jules Bistro in Toronto. Anyone? Internet googleness?

Love Paté.

Coq au vin is gooooood.

Prune cake dessert.

I don't know what's up with my stomach here, but after every single meal I eat out.. it kills. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly.. the dairy..the flour..but instant discomfort. We almost had to skip out on Edinburgh Castle, but it was such a beautiful day today, and who knows when it will be nice again. So I sucked it up and went along with our plan. But I didn't feel well AT ALL, I was starting to sweat.

We passed some good shoe/clothing stores on the way to the castle. We may or may not have made purchases. Primark is awesome for cheap cute clothes, lots of Zara type stuff for a fraction of the price. I bought some things I need to take back because I don't do change room lineups and I'd rather take the risk of a return/exchange on a less busy day.

The road leading up to the castle is called the Royal Mile, its full of well preserved old buildings. Which are, of course, full of souvenir shops and Scottish treats. I don't mind because I'm on the lookout for Kennedy clan gear - and there are lots of them. I'm just looking for the right shop and the right goods. The Mile was full of tourists, us included. Approaching the castle was pretty awesome since the only castle I've been in is Casa Loma and that isn't even that old. This one is a really historically juicy castle. But as per usual, I skimmed the plaques and information about everything because sometimes they're just too long. I'm sorry! We saw the crown jewels, nice big swords and knight uniforms. But.. where is the throne?? I want to see some Game of Thrones shit. Show me a throne please, and the place where people were hanged and beheaded. What? It's just life and you know you want to see it too.

mannequin guy making a sword.

Crazy that this castle was build up on these rocks. Very cool.

We went into an underground part, the place where they hid the jewels during WW2. We were tempted to hide in a corner and jump out at people but we figured that wouldn't be too nice. But we did find a door which we could peek through the keyhole and we actually witnessed a murder.

Well not really but Jamie started going "uuhhhhhhhhh!!" like a ghost through the door, but he didn't wait long enough to see people's reactions through the keyhole. It would have been funnier if he said this instead.

The castle was very cool There was one moment when we heard bagpipes (so cliché, Scotland!!) and saw a crowd gathered around a car, like someone special was arriving. This old lady comes out of the car, all dressed up with a flower on her head and hops into her wheelchair. Everyone was taking pictures. It was just a regular wedding but all these people thought this lady was someone special when really she was just someone's grandmother arriving at the wedding. Pretty funny, and the granny peobably enjoyed the royal treatment.

After Edin-bruh Castle we headed back home. there was a young busker entertaining a crowd, juggling and offending people with his rude comedian jabs. A drunk heckler entertained me by being annoying, drunk and loud to this young fellow. The busker kid told him to shut up and that no one speaks alcoholic. He was good at holding his own and telling that guy off. Even though he was the only one in the crowd laughing at his jokes.

Oh, fashion trends I've noticed here:

Cut off shorts with leggings/pantyhose is all over the place. Lots and lots of girls/young ladies wearing this.. I mean most girls are wearing this. Is this new here? Is it coming to Canada? I thought this already happened. Or maybe they just really want to wear shorts but it's too cold so they put leggings on underneath.

I see lots of studs on clothing and goth-inspired gear in the stores (sorry goths, it's cool now). Crosses, skulls, lace... I'm ok with this trend.

Platform shoes - runners, loafers, oxfords.. I've seen this a bit in Toronto, but not too many.

Long hair is in style, but I think it's in style lots of cities. Sorry, not 'in style' but it's popular and trendy. I haven't seen any unique short haircuts here yet. Maybe in Glasgow.

Cool leggings/pants. Different prints, stripes, patterns. I almost bought a pair of Beetlejuice pants but they didn't have my size. Damn.

Oh, and there was a big section of Primark that had shirts that were bedazzled like crazy. I'm not too crazy about that but I'm also not 16.

As for the guys.. I don't know, I usually only notice what the girls are wearing.

That was our day. It was pretty windy out but not too cold or anything. When we came back here we had a short nap and will probably stay in tonight. Neither of us are hungry for dinner, we've got some beer here and lots of Mad Men to catch up on. Tomorrow we wake up early for a day tour up to Loch Ness and back. Yeah!

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