Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Most Pierced Woman in de Worl

One short note. Today we met Elaine Davidson, the most pierced woman in the world. We were walking along the High Street in Edinburgh when we saw this interesting lady at an incense-selling booth. I was beside her as she was getting some incesnse cones from the young men selling them. We made our way into their conversation because we really wanted a photo of her. Even better, we both got photos WITH her.

Elaine didn't tell us her name, we figured that out later on the through the magic of google. She was very friendly and funny, she asked us where we were from and pointed out how "tall and beautiful" I am - she even checked to see if I was wearing heels. I wasn't. She's quite small, and I am tall so the difference in height is extra apparent in this photo. Elaine also made note that Jamie was 'sexy too' and if he ever 'divorces' me, I'll know where he went. Look at us, sharing a moment!

Such an interesting character, so colourful and different with her rainbow dreads and face paint. I'm glad we went for a walk along High Street today.

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