Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Final Night

It's our last day in Edinburgh and our last day of vacation. *sniff*. I will be happy to be back in my own bed and eating healthy again + crossfitting all the camembert and cider off like a muhfuh. And happy to be back in warmer weather.

Today we were in full-on laze mode. I wanted to visit Glasgow, but last night the thought of waking up early and traveling on a train for an hour and a half did not appeal to me at all. We figured the last day of vacation would be takin'er easy, so we woke up whenever and left the house at like 12:30.

All we really did was go look at some vintage stores up the street (weird) and then came back here to check into our flight. Afterwards there were a few streets I wanted to visit for some shopping and Jamie had to pick up these enamel mugs he ordered from a store. A pretty lax day, no rushing around, some walking and shopping and a last supper at Jamie Oliver's. His Italian restaurant here in Edinburgh.

It wasn't busy in there at all since it was like 4:30pm. But we figured we'd have an early dinner so we can spend the night preparing to come home Friday. We have packing and cleaning to do. We aren't in a hotel, remember?

Dinner was so good. SO good, I'm glad we went in there. Neither of us have been to a Jamie Oliver restaurant before and we weren't disappointed at all. The risotto was killer, it had truffles in it and was friggin amazing. Truffles rule. I got a burger and he got a steak. I drank a few negronis and wine.. it's the last supper and last booze indulgence. Before tomorrow when I need to numb my flying. It was a good last day, not crazy, not overly full. We got to walk around this city one last time, got to breathe the fresh Scottish (cold) air and again, there was no point in doing my hair because of the stupid wind. THAT I will not miss.

Edinburgh is a nice city, I doubt I'd come back because there are other places in the UK I need to see first. I've found that lots of big cities are the same in some ways. I don't know if I want to do another big city vacation again, not because it's not enjoyable or anything. I find I like the different places. Places that aren't like home - like a seaside town in France for example. heh heh.

I'll do a full on summary later, maybe on the flight. Right now I have packing to do so I'm not a stressball in the morning.

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