Saturday, June 22, 2013


Tuesday morning we were off to Bordeaux. It's a good 6 hour drive from Argentan, and we decided we would stop at a the seaside town La Rochelle on the west coast for lunch, via a recommendation from one of Jamies friends. It would add a few hours to the trip, considering it was a bit more west, plus eating time, but figured why not, since we're here. It was cloudy and rainy in Argentan, and continued to be so in La Rochelle.

Of course I forgot that lunch time in France is within certain hours, and if you want to get lunch at say, 2pm, you're SOL. Lunch time is lunch time, dinner time is dinner time. Probably why they are thinner than us North Americans. You eat att meal times, drink coffee , or booze in between, perhaps a little trreat, but no real food between meals. I might try living by French rules when I get home, see how that works out. Although I may need to pick up smoking to get the full effect.

We arrived at La Rochelle, the weather was shyte and the restaurant we wanted was closed. We eventually found another spot to eat, a divey pub in town. No one was really in there aside from a student writing something on her laptop. We got some toast things covered in meat with a side of fries and salad. No booze for me, it was my turn to drive. The food was good though. The town was nothing special, a typical old French town, narrow streets, touristy shops. I was paranoid about leaving our stuff in the car in a parking lot. I trust no one.

After La Rochelle we were headed straight to our vineyard spot just outside Bordeaux. We got lost along the way, the GPS lead me a bit off path. We arrived at La Corne, a little wine vineyard and were greeted by our friendly hosts. The apartment was attached to their house, it was private and rustic. It smelle like a cottage, it w3as clean but cold. Willy showed us a map and told us what to do with our single day in Bordeaux, he said we have to see St Emilion if anything, and perhaps Bordeaux. But, no offence, we didn't feel like seeing another big French city. Honestly, they all look the same, and not going saved us the hassle of inner city traffic stress. We decided to grab dinner at the nearest town, ended up at a Moroccan resto due to slim pickins. It was meh and the waiter was creepy. But we did decide to go to St Emilion the following day. It's super old, is surrounded by posh wine vineyards and has a little train thing that takes you around town. We did that and stopped to get a tour of an underground wine cellar. It was neat and not as scary as the catacombs. But super old. Also, St. Emilion the town is mega old, typical with teeny streets and overpriced tourist goods. YES I bought some cool pants so what.

View from our place

Fresh bread from Willy

Palm tree outside


On the mantel 

Annoying cat tried climbing Jamie's knee

Wine cellar 


After that we decided to head back and grab pizza for dinner. Eating out all the time gets tiresome. Pizza was good, pesky vineyard cat was annoying, I drank a bottle of cider for old times sake and had a shitty sleep. We had to wake up early on Thurs to head to the south due to the almost 8 hour drive ahead. Ugh who planned this!!???

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