Monday, June 17, 2013

Family time v.2013

Sunday was spent visiting my family here in Argentan.


We arrived at Andre and Nicole's at 1pm. To reiderate, Andre is my great great uncle (my gr. grandfathers brother) and Nicole is his wife. We were greeted by Nicole in their new flat, last year they were in a house, they've since moved to a more accessible living spoace. When we got inside, Andre was there as well as Nicole's long time friend , Giselle- who also lives in the building, (They have lots of peeps in the building, or will soontime.) Of bourse we were greeted withh big smiles and welcoming kisses. We proceeded to the living room where we had champagne and ors d'ouvres. Delicious things, naturally. Crostinis with guacoamole/potted goose (tastes like turkley) and olive tapenade. stuffed red peppers with tuna, cheese puff things from burgundy which Giselle made - I forgot to get the recipe from her damn!!... and i forgot to mention we walked from the bnb to their place, about 3km. I was really smart and decided to wear my new sandals which gave me terrible bloody blisters after about 15 minutes of walking. I had to stuff some tissue behind my heel and walk like a ballerina most of the way - toe heel toe heel...

Anyway, after chatting we went to the dining room table for lunch. Starting with melons and proscuitto, baguettes and wine. Bomb. Then we had quail, mushroom things and gravy, and of course more baguettes. Ended with nummy cheese and then a-friggin mazing chocolate moose kinda cake. Why is all the food heere so good?! It was a wonderful lunch, Andre shared some photos with us, and we visited for a good 7 hours before going home. i managed to keep kmyself together this time, but it wasnt the final goodbye of the trip, mind you.

mmm cake with wafer bottom.

view from the flat.

nice new kitch. Its a bright and spacious apartment.

Andre and Nicole's wedding day, almost 60 years ago.

Andre, drawn by his father. My gr gr grandfather.

Canadian family photos.

I only sorta wanted to cry when these came out. Held it back.

Sunday was great, we spent a nice long time together, shared delicous food and wine. What more could one ask for?

We walked home again, I hoped that the bandaids i put on my heels would help the wounds. Didn't. Took us a bit longer to get home because of it and I almost walked bare foot... Never wear new shoes on your first day of vacation. Got back to the room, showereds - which felt like acid on my heels and hit the hay. Even sleeping with those bloody heels was aeful, I imagined the sores went to the bone.

a bottle of wine to sit in the back garden with. 

I didn't know how to use this.

Rummy with giant cards and giant bees in the garden.

Sleeping at this bnb isn.t creepy, I wear a sleeping mask so even if I wake up in the night I refuse to take it off and look around. I will not give the ghosts the satisfaction of scaring me. No way. They can hover all they want.

Also, I'm already over bread, no more please. PLEASE. Guess what's for breakfast tomorrow morning? FRESH HOME MADE BREAD - COMPLAIN WHY DON'T YOU, MICHELLE. Guess what I had today? BREAD. Among other things, like another friggin chocolate croissant. 3 days in a row now. I swear I'm coming back looking like honey booboos mom for sure - like a giant melting pear. You won't recognize me. "you'll be doing a lot of walking" really? with the car we rented? Ok I like the baguettes with meals and stuff and obv croissants rule (although I prefer savoury ones), but I'm coming from never eating it really, to eating it with every meal. I guess this is a good experiment to see if I have been wasting my time avoiding bread and cheese. We'll see if I have to continue living in leggins and moomoos. I'll be the rat for you all. Lets see what two weeks in France does to the health-obsessed Canadian. Do French people actually eat like this dailoy? Or am I going vacation-food crazy??

I,ll talk about Monday's visit tomorow, right now I am writing from the winery we are at in Bordeaux. We made it here after a good, what,  9 hours? We took a detour to a seaside town to have lunch at a recommended restaurant. IT WAS CLOSED. AND IT RAINED ALL DAY so I couldn't even smell the ocean when we were there. And my diamond shoes were too tight!!! Waah waaaah.

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  1. Yup...almost cried...and then comic relief....
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